Tom Voigt (zodiackiller.com)

"[Richard] Gaikowski served a stint in the Army during the 1950s. It is known that Gaikowski was trained as a medic. Medics were trained to tear the clothing of a bleeding victim to use as bandages if they did not have access to the proper equipment. Undershirt first, then shirt, then pants if necessary. That is the order of cleanliness, with the shirttail being preferred if tucked in. (Zodiac tore off a portion of a victim’s shirttail.)"

Analysis: The claim that medics were trained to tear the clothing of a bleeding victim can't be substantiated. Multiple people with experience as military medics made clear that they were never trained in using such a technique.

"On March 13, 1971 the Zodiac sent a letter to the Los Angeles Times. Coinciding closely with the mailing, Gaikowski was involuntarily committed to the Napa State Hospital after “going berzerk.” He was then diagnosed with a mental illness and began treatment at Mount Zion Hospital in San Francisco. The Zodiac didn’t write again for almost three years."

Analysis: Gaikowski spent a short period of time receiving inpatient mental health care. The large gap in time can't be fully explained by this event.

Tom Voigt has claimed that we added myth #6 in response to a story he posted. Mr Voigt posted his story via video on YouTube on May 17. Myth #6 was added on March 30!

Analysis: Tom Voigt is wrong

Tom Voigt has claimed that Arthur Leigh Allen didn't react to Bryan Hartnell.

Analysis: How could someone who has dedicated his life to this case know so little about it? This information came from Special Agent Jim Silver.

Tom Voigt continues to attack our integrity.

Analysis: That is pretty ironic. A person by the name of Thomas Jason Voigt, with the birth year of 1967, has been convicted of stalking in the Multnomah Superior Court. The Superior Court docket also notes a bankruptcy filing. This man needs to get his life together and preferably obtain a copy of Jim Silver's notes for himself.