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Reddit user dukeishere suggested that Paul Stine killed a lookalike and left his body in the taxicab.

Analysis: The preferred method of identification of a body is by fingerprint analysis. Paul Stine's fingerprints were on file at the California Department of Justice and matched the fingerprints of the cab victim.

Reddit user Obstacleisagiven stated that "Cheri Jo Bates has never been officially categorized as a definite Zodiac victim, by the legal custodians of the Zodiac case, The California State Department of Justice."

Analysis: The claim is 100% false. The California DOJ still classifies Cheri Jo Bates as a Zodiac victim.

Reddit user AwsiDooger claimed that "Anybody could have walked into that [SFPD] evidence room and grabbed a slice [of Paul Stine's shirt]. It was just like helping yourself to pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving. I've read that here many times."

Analysis: This claim is outrageous. Evidence rooms are kept secure 24 hours a day.

Several users of Reddit have claimed that Arthur Leigh Allen has been cleared by police for various reasons.

Analysis: Allen has never been cleared by anyone.

Numerous Reddit users have suggested that no incriminating evidence was found during the execution of three search warrants against Arthur Leigh Allen.

Analysis: That is patently false. Bloody clothing was seized from Allen, along with: various wigs, gloves matching the size of those found in the cab and a map of Lake Berryessa that showed three triangles where three potential witnesses observed someone who may have been Zodiac.

Reddit user FoxBeach claimed that a Vallejo detective wanted to charge Arthur Leigh Allen with murder but "The head DA said that they didn’t have enough evidence to do so."

Analysis: People with a more limited understanding of this case get confused by the comments of the former DA. When interviewed in 1991, the DA gave a negative view of the case. However, the case hadn't been presented to him at that time. The DA told us this years ago: "You have to understand that as a district attorney, I was a minister of justice. The question I was asked was motivated by Arthur Leigh Allen being served a search warrant in 1991. If I had told the interviewer that we had a strong case, it could have tampered with the jury pool or led to vigilante justice. The truth is, I knew virtually nothing about that case until 1992. After Allen died, I reviewed the file. Based on what I saw, I would have authorized a murder charge."