Michael Butterfield (zodiackillerfacts.com)

"[A]lthough there were no signs of foul play, the state required that an autopsy be performed on the body [of Arthur Leigh Allen] in order to determine the cause of death."

Analysis: California law allowed Allen's physician to sign his death certificate since he had been under continuous medical care. No autopsy was required but it was requested by George Bawart.

"The suspect described by the witnesses was most likely too large to wear a size seven glove, and [Arthur Leigh] Allen was said to have large, even “massive” hands."

Analysis: Allen's hands were anything but massive.

"Graysmith’s most shocking lie concerned the day that authorities took surviving Zodiac victim Bryan Hartnell to Allen’s place of work to examine the suspect. Here’s Graysmith’s revisionist version of events: “Bryan walks into the hardware store, the auto parts store… and Allen says, ‘My God, I thought that kid was dead,’ and runs out the back door."

Analysis: Mr. Butterfield falsely attributed Bryan Hartnell's words to Robert Graysmith. The Sunday Mirror sourced the quote to the notes of Special Agent Jim Silver. Arthur Leigh Allen really made the comment and Butterfield's comment to the contrary is a flat-out lie.